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Friday, April 15, 2011

Come on, Give 'em a try! You know you want to....

I made a decision before I had pumpkin pie (who is now 20 weeks old!!!) that we would give cloth diapering a serious shot. I bought a bunch of different kinds of clothies, as I like to call them, and have used them on and off since CC was born in late November. 

I have been pleasantly surprised by several brands:

Bum Genius and FuzziBunz and GroVia are my favorites so far.

But now I'm looking to sell the other brands that don't fit CC. This is not to say that they won't fit your child... they just didn't work as well for her as the other brands listed above. 

Click here to see my ad on Craigslist. 

I also have these other diapers that I'm willing to sell, too.

Oh, and when we're not using clothies, we use Seventh Generation diapers. I think they are THE BEST disposable diapers on the market and I'm not afraid to try to convert you into using them. They keep CC dry all night - not a leak. Not ever.

Soapbox off. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anne Geddes Better Watch Her Back!!!

And now for  more pictures.
These amazing photos of Coralynn (and us) were taken by Ria Czichotzki when CC was just a couple of weeks old.

I think this is the only shot we got of her with her eyes open. CC was a sleepy little pumpkin that day.

Watching Ria position CC and get her to conform to certain poses was really neat. I have since used some of Ria's techniques to sooth CC to sleep if she's fighting it a bit.

I brought some outfits and headbands but Ria had the best selection and already had most of the photos mapped out in her head. This fuzzy one is so precious.

The happy family.

And yes, momma stripped down for a little maternity session too at 37 weeks! I figured my pregnancy body probably wasn't going to look this good the second time around (if there is one!). As a matter of fact, things did take a turn for the worse the last two weeks I was pregnant. The Goodyear Blimp decided to take up residence in my belly and left me with the stretchmarks to prove it! Stretchmarks in the last two weeks of pregnancy - what a bitch.

I highly recommend working with Ria for your family's next picture experience. She's a true pro, loves children and knows how to take a damn good picture.